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Decoding Valuation: Navigating Accounting Practice Trends

In an era marked by dynamic shifts in the accounting landscape, understanding the valuation trends of accounting practices has never been more crucial. ATL Network Pty Ltd have recently released a report on accounting practice valuation trends for 2024 which provides a comprehensive analysis of the current market, unveiling significant changes in how accounting practices are valued.

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Case Study: The Power of Personal Connections

In the competitive landscape of modern banking, where advancements in tech often take centre stage, few banks can demonstrate the enduring value of personal relationships in business growth. Chris Bayliss, the CEO of Judo Bank, shares invaluable insights into how the institution grew from a mere idea into Australia’s most successful challenger bank in under eight years, and it’s all about putting relationships first.

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Discover the positive ripple effect making micro changes can have on personal and business growth

The Power of Micro Habits: Transforming Your Business, One Small Change at a Time

The start of a new year often comes with the good intention to make big, impactful changes that can be challenging to sustain. Enter micro habits – small, easily achievable actions that operate on the principle of compounding, where small efforts accumulate to create meaningful progress over time. Discover the transformative impact of micro habits on your personal growth and learn how their positive ripple effect can drive business growth.

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Transforming Accounting Efficiency – A Case Study

In the world of professional services and accounting, where timely payments and efficient debt collection are paramount, QuickFee emerges as a game-changer. This Australian-based financial technology firm specialises in innovative payment solutions, and it’s creating ripples of transformation across the industry by revolutionising the way professionals receive payments.

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Your Christmas closure checklist

It’s almost Christmas – are you ready? Christmas is a notoriously busy time, and in a service-based business, the push to get through everything by Christmas eve means the office can get a little hectic. So, to help ease the stress of the Christmas rush, we have put together a checklist for the Christmas closure period.

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