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Get paid faster. Increase your business cash flow

QuickFee exists to ensure you will never be paid late again – we bridge the gap between a professional firm’s right to be paid on time and a client’s desire to pay over time. Since 2009, QuickFee has been recognised as the industry leader with more than 65% of the top 100 accounting firms and many legal firms choosing to have QuickFee as a payment solution for their clients. Whether your client would like to pay now or pay later, QuickFee’s solutions will help.

QuickFee is a public company (ASX:QFE) and prides itself on using years of experience working in and with professional service firms to deliver innovative yet practical and easy to use solutions with integrations to many of the best known software packages to make your collections and payments process as seamless as possible.

Client-Centric Payment Solutions

QuickFee understands the hardship and frustration that comes with not being paid on time for services provided. Utilising our customised solutions means you get paid quicker and can work on gaining more business.

Fee Funding

Get paid in full within your payment terms, while giving your clients the flexibility to pay their invoices
over 3 to 12 months.

Secure Online Payments

The QuickFee Secure Online Payments (QSOP) portal is an integrated online payment portal, making payments easier. Allow your clients to pay in full or monthly.

Disbursement Funding

QuickFee’s disbursement funding allows legal firms to fund disbursements in order for a matter to progress towards settlement.

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