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Breaking the cycle of disadvantage with The Smith Family

The rising cost of living in Australia is plunging more families into poverty, affecting over 1.2 million children. With schools becoming more reliant on digital classroom tools, such as laptops and tablet computers, the ability of families living in poverty to keep up with these needs is diminishing. Despite their parents’ efforts, these children will encounter daily hurdles that impede their education and the long-term impact can limit their life choices.


The Smith Family’s Educational Initiatives

The Smith Family’s programs, such as numeracy, literacy and mentoring, focus on early intervention and provide sustained support throughout a child’s educational journey. Beginning in early learning and spanning through primary and high school, The Smith Family programs work to ensure these children can reach their full potential through access to education and learning programs.


The Power of Sustained Intervention

By applying donations to long-term programs, such as Learning for Life, The Smith Family can invest in a child’s education for the duration of their schooling, which proves more effective than concentrating support on particular periods of a child’s life. This approach increases high school graduation and university enrollments, reducing criminal convictions and reliance on welfare.


QuickFee’s Partnership and Impact

QuickFee makes an annual Christmas donation of $5,000 to the Smith Family, which aims to provide immediate support to the established programs to deliver long-term positive benefits for impacted children and their families.


If you would like to donate or support The Smith Family and support meaningful, long-term change, you can learn more about their work here.


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