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In the Spotlight – David Dahm, Health & Life

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 In the Spotlight – David Dahm, Health & Life
This month, we are meeting with David Dahm, Chartered Accountant, CEO and Founder of Health and Life. David Dahm deeply cares about healthcare and ethics, and has incorporated his beliefs and principles into his accounting practice. With a passion for finance and health, David brings a different perspective on accounting services.  

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About David Dahm

David is recognised as a national healthcare expert and trouble shooter for medical, allied health practices and public hospitals. David has conducted, over 460 articles and media interviews. He has presented as a keynote speaker at conferences and presented over 950 presentations in his over 25+ year career. David has appeared in the Australian, The Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, The Advertiser, The Medical Journal of Australia, Medical Observer, Australian Doctor, Readers Digest and In the Black. He also has performed audio interviews for GP Business Essentials.


In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight recognises legal and accounting practitioners who demonstrate innovation, success, and commitment throughout their work. 

Each month, we select individuals or firms to acknowledge the positive impact they have had on their community or their industry sector. If you think you know someone who fits the bill, please send us a 100-word summary to telling us why they deserve recognition.

Submission criteria:

  • The legal or accounting professional has shown an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction while still assuring the profitability and viability of their business or profession.
  • They have helped a client turn around business profits with innovative business opportunities.
  • They have outperformed their peers in their sectors, market segments and geographical areas in terms of community service.