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In the Q: How to Generate Leads and Grow your Practice

Insights from Judo Bank CEO Chris Bayliss

Bruce Coombes and Alistair Marshall are back and talk about generating leads and growing your practice. In this episode, they provide advise on:

  • Accounting and legal firm sales process

  • Gaining visibility and credibility

  • Getting your firm and your people to focus more on business development

  • Generalist VS Specialist

  • Getting referrals

  • Marketing – relevance in business development


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Alistair Marshall

Alistair Marshall has huge empathy with professionals who never get taught how to build their practice and this challenge has been exacerbated with the arrival of Covid 19 which has restricted the availability of random acts of coffee and lunch.

He has more than 30 years of experience in business development. His fast and proven solutions have helped law firms, accountancy practices, banks, engineers and other professionals to quickly attract new clients and win more new business.

Alistair has worked in business development for multi-national corporations, with responsibility for budgets in excess of A$100m.


Professional Services BD

Professinal Services BD specialises in helping professional services firms to become more successful.

They  provide business development services to lawyers, barristers, accountants, bankers and wealth managers, infrastructure and engineering firms, digital agencies, ICT and software consultants.

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