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Less Receivables.
More Enjoyables.

Spend less time chasing payments and more time on what truly matters this holiday season.

QuickFee Financing

Fee Funding

Using QuickFee’s Fee Funding makes it easier for you to get paid on time by breaking your fees into affordable instalments.

Don’t spend all your holiday season chasing clients for payments. Let QuickFee do all the work while you enjoy time with your friends and family.

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Benefits of using
QuickFee Fee Funding

QuickFee allows your clients to spread their professional fees over manageable monthly payments. 

Easy Process

Using QuickFee Fee Funding couldn’t be easier. Spend less time worrying about chasing payments and more time enjoying your holidays.

Improve your firm cash flow.

Prepare a Quote

Enter some basic client information in your QuickFee account and send to your client via email or your method of choice.

Quote Is Accepted

The payment plan offer can be accepted by your client manually or electronically, using our convenient acceptance form.

You Get Paid in Full

Once your client is approved and accepts the terms, the full amount arrives in your bank account within 1-3 business days.