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QuickFee + Actionstep

powered by Konekta

Put your clients at the center of everything you do with the QuickFee and Actionstep integration!

Actionstep’s flexible practice management software will take you every step of your journey as a law firm. Its integration with QuickFee makes it easier for you to take control of your cash flow. You can now manage your practice and accept flexible payments with QuickFee and Actionstep.



Offer payment flexibility.

QuickFee puts all payment options in one place, give your clients choice 24/7.

How does QuickFee work?
QuickFee lets the client do everything at a time and place that suits the client.
Your clients click on the QuickFee link from the invoice or payment request generated by Actionstep. They will be prompted to enter their details. They can then choose to pay via cards, electronic transfers or monthly instalments.

Meanwhile, the full invoice amount will be paid to you within 1-2 business days.

About Actionstep

Actionstep puts your clients at the center of everything you do to transform your firm’s productivity at every step.

This complete legal practice management system gives lawyers the headspace to listen, engage and make a difference to clients, everyday. Built in the cloud with workflow at its heart, Actionstep provides you with everything you need to run your entire law firm. it combines CRM, matter management, document assembly and management, time and billing, trust and office accounting, reporting and much more.

About Konekta

Supercharge Your Firm's Actionstep System with 'Smart' Integrations and API Development Services

Konekta provides smart connections for Actionstep and creates seamless access to a range of advanced search and compliance connections between Actionstep and essential industry tools

Add-ons for Actionstep – Get up and running without the hassle of having to set up everything from scratch

Smart “Konektions” for Actionstep – Connect Actionstep to other systems in a smart and automated manner